Wayne Talbot is a Sergeant and current member of the NSW Police Force with 20 years service and a previous 10 years serving in the Royal Australian Navy. Bob Stedman, is also a current serving Sergeant in the NSW Police Force with 25 years service.

Wayne and Bob recently started the company called Australian Protocol Services .

This initially came about while discussing war stories over a beer and bragging about certain awards they had each obtained over the years. They quickly discovered that between them they had collected a considerable number of awards, citations and certificates, not to mention the odd piece of memorabilia. However, the sad part was that each and every item was stored away in a drawer somewhere gathering dust. And no doubt this also applies to almost everyone these days.

It was at that point they decided to do something about the situation. They both set about developing a suitable storage container, now known as the ‘Service History Binder’. Originally the binder was for their own personal use and it was a display or resume of their own individual achievements that could be kept as a show piece and handed down to their kids at a later time. However after showing the finished product to their work mates it quickly became apparent that many of their colleagues were in the same boat with Service History items and they received request after request to create a similar item for them.

Basically this was the start of Australian Protocol Services, Wayne and Bob decided to produce a hard wearing and attractive Service History Binder that a Service Member could display with pride. Wayne, having a strong Military background, has not forgotten about his former colleagues and the same type of product is offered to both past and present members of the Army, Navy and Air Force.

Australian Protocol Services can provide a professional framing service for you They can manufacture Honour Boards to enable you to display all you Police Service or Australian Defence Force memorabilia. They can also have Service Shirts mounted and framed.

Their Honour Boards are available in 3 sizes and your choice of Red, Green, Blue or Maroon backgrounds. An Honour Board from APS is a fitting retirement gift for any member who has served the people of Australia.

For all inquiries and further information regarding their products please contact either Wayne or Bob on the phone numbers below or visit their Web Site :


Telephone 02 6674 4531 or Mobiles 0412 657 221 and 0412 999 006 
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