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The Aussiecops Forum is a place where Serving Police Officers and other Law Enforcement related people, including Retired Officers, can gather and exchange work related matters and ideas etc, with each other. A place were the tasks of everyday policing and experiences are shared, its also the launching pad for new friendships, and a place to talk to others who share the same commitment and work related experiences that only those in this profession can understand. There are strict guidelines to gain Membership to this area – If you feel you would like to become part of this group, then please fill out the Apply to Join application. Membership is restricted to serving/retired persons in Australian and New Zealand Law Enforcement or associated Government Departments, including Overseas Police Departments.  Persons employed in Private Security or any other such area will not be accepted. Persons who are employed as Transit Officer’s or Departments such as Road & Traffic, State Rail or Bus Inspectors, Prison Officers or other such Corrective Service Departments that employ Civilian Personal will not be accepted or considered for Membership to AussieCops under any circumstances.


Aussiecops has an Offices Hobby Section where people can share and exchange ideas on different types of hobbies. This section can be accessed by those who are Members, but there is also a provisions available where access can be obtained by others, after the completion of a short application form found Here. 


Aussiecops has not forgotten the old but true saying, ‘Behind every good man, stands an even greater woman’, the wife or partner of any man employed within the Law Enforcement profession, now has her own little piece of web space here on Aussiecops. This part of the Forum is devoted to those women and can only be accessed by them. Here they can share stories, seek advice from one another, and know that they all share one thing in common………..the life of being a copper’s other half.
Sorry guy’s this is a Restricted Area for women only.

Aussiecops will assist International Police who are planning a visit to our shores by helping them with hints, contacts, and other such information that will enable their stay to be enjoyable and a great memory to share with others on their return home. If you are planning a trip to Australia in the near future, then take a moment to fill our the form found Here. Dave and Kylie Wells will endeavour to assist  you in making your stay a most enjoyable and memorable one.