About Aussiecops

Aussiecops is a place where Men and Women who are employed in different fields of Law Enforcement, can gather together. Originally founded in August 2000, members are free to discuss work issues, work practices, ideas, experiences and other work related matters that are everyday occurrences within their profession. Most importantly of all, the aim of the site is to promote friendship for those who have dedicated their lives to help and serve the communities. Aussiecops is a social group dedicated to making new friends within and outside your work circle. Membership is restricted to serving/retired persons in Australian and New Zealand Law Enforcement or associated Government Departments, including Overseas Police Departments. Persons employed in Private Security or any other such area will not be accepted. If you think you meet the criteria and would like to become a part of this web site than please take a moment to fill out an Application Request.

Please remember to supply verification details. The site is administered by volunteers (who don’t have an IT back ground) and we will attempt to process your application as soon as possible. The process will be slowed if we have to ask you for more detail. Aussiecops will not consider applications from those people employed in Private Security Firms, Doorman/Bouncers, Persons who are employed as Transit Officer’s or Departments such as Road & Traffic, State Rail or Bus Inspectors, Prison Officers or other such Corrective Service Departments that employ Civilian Personal will not be accepted or considered for Membership to AussieCops under any circumstances.. If you are employed within this category we would suggest you seek membership to some other type of organisation within the scope of your profession.

DISCLAIMER: Aussiecops has no connection with or receives any funding from any government, union, employer, organisation, or community group (with the exception of XYZ Pty Ltd whom kindly cover basic web costs for which no preferential treatment is offered or expected other than a hyper-link). Members are free to express their concerns if they are free from extreme profanity, racism, sexism, slander or any other comment of detriment to reasonable community expectations. Further, views expressed are not necessarily shared by the administrators of Aussiecops. Any complaints re comments made or action taken can be forwarded to complaints@aussiecops.com – such complaints will be considered with regard for the laws of natural justice, i.e. onus is on the accuser to prove. This does not remove the right of the aussiecops administrators to remove members without notice for behaviour considered inappropriate.